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Our story starts in spring of 2018, when 5 girls collaborated during study course “business economics” to create an innovative product. We created nutritional bars in three flavours: apple-cinnamon, cacao-cherry and apricot. Full of dedication we joined Innovation booth in “Riga Plaza” (curated by University of Latvia). Our products gained great reviews, however, due to lack of experience and knowledge this project was deferred for the time being.

In 2020 we returned in a bit different team, with new knowledge and experience. Now our team consists of Alda, Paula an Matīss. We are people who believe in our idea and vision and we hope You can believe us too.

With the support of Kurzeme Business Incubator we are ready to offer high quality healthy snacks - bars made from dried fruit, oats, seeds and spices. Yes, our snacks are just as healthy as they sound, because there are no added refined sugars, unnatural dyes or flavour enhancers. They are vegan and really delicious. We strive to be socially responsible company, therefore we offer to purchase our products packed in sustainable paper packaging. Everyone should think about their health and also that of the environment around us - this is a wonderful chance to do that today and every day!


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Pāvilostas nov., Vērgales pag., "Andri" LV-3463